YE Qing, Director of Institute for Foreign Policy Studies,Center for west Asian & African Studies,  Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS). He received a doctoral degree in world politics by Fudan University in 2008. As a visiting scholar, he had studied at the Truman Institute of Hebrew University in Jerusalem from October 2001 to June 2002. Dr. Ye specializes in China’s Diplomacy, Emerging Powers and International System in Transition, Middle East Studies and Islamism. His recent papers include "Analysis of the Emergence of China’s Culture Diplomacy", Global Review, vol.1, 2010;“A Preliminary Analysis of the Contemporary Concept of Islamic Jihad”, Contemporary International Relations, No.1, 2006; “U.S. Democracy Predicament in the Middle East—Analysis of U.S. Great Middle East Initiative”, Journal of Arab World Studies, No.5, 2005; “The Evolving US- Israeli Strategic Relations: from Strategic Interests to Common Value”, International Review, Spring 2004, Vol.34; “Islamic Culture and International Relations”, in Yu Xintian ed., Culture in International Relations:Model, Role and Destiny, SASS Press, 2005.