Dr. Jin Liangxiang, Associate Research Fellow at the Center for West Asian and African Studies and Senior Research Fellow with Institute for International Strategic Studies, SIIS. 

He is specialized in the Middle Eastern international relations, and is particularly engaged in the field of Iran’s foreign policy and domestic politics. He has also conducted some research on international relations on China’s neighboring areas.

He has visited more than 20 countries and regions, most of which are Middle East countries and China’s neighboring countries. He has been a frequent visitor of numerous influential academic institutions and conferences. He was a visiting fellow of the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace (2002-2003), Fredrich Ebert Stiftung New York Office (2006), the Baker Institute (2011) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) of the U.S. (2013).

He is the author of the book “On the Domestic Sources of Iran’s Foreign Policy” (2015). He has written more than twenty academic papers on Middle Eastern studies, most of which are about Iran. He is also a frequent writer in English for www.china.org,cn and China-U.S. Focus. Some of his English articles are available at the following linkage.