Zhou Shixin zhoushixin@siis.org.cn Associate Research Fellow Center for Asia-Pacific Studies
Institute for Foreign Policy Studies

Dr. Zhou Shixin is a research fellow at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). He received his doctorate degree from Shanghai International Studies University in 2008, majoring in International Relations. His research focuses on Chinese Diplomacy, China-ASEAN Relations and Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation. His recent publications include: “The U.S.-Singapore Partnership in Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy”(2017); “Quiet Diplomacy in China-ASEAN Relations” (2017) ; “China’s Belt & Road Diplomacy and Its Role in Shaping Neighboring Order” (2017); “ASEAN’s Cultural Strategy and China’s Strategic Options”, Teaching and Research (2016);  Analysis of ASEAN’s Centrality in Regional Cooperation, International Studies (2016); “Strategic Transformation of the US-Philippine Alliance and South China Sea Issue”, Asia-Pacific Security and Maritime Affairs (2016); “A Probe into Limited Power of ASEAN Secretariat”(2016); “Assessing ASEAN’s Policy of Neutrality on the South China Sea Issue” (2016); “An Analysis of ASEAN’s Policy on Disaster Relief” (2015); “An Analysis of ASEAN Dispute Management Mechanisms and Their Utility” (2015); “An Analysis on the Prospects of Consulting South China Sea ‘Code of Conduct’” (2015); “Limited Leadership of ASEAN in Evolving Regional Integration” (2015); “China’s Security Diplomacy and Regional Multilateral Mechanisms” (2014); “Evolution and Prospect of the Five Power Defense Arrangements”(2014); “Inheritance and Innovation of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence” (2014); “The U.S.-ASEAN Trade Relations and Its Prospects” (2013) ; “Path Competition and Choice of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” (2013); “ASEAN Dispute Management Mechanisms and their Effects” and Coercive Diplomacy in Iranian Nuclear Issue (2013).