Yang Jiemian Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Foreign Policy Studies
Jiemian YANG received his B.A. at the Shanghai Teachers’ University, M.A. at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS) and M.A. at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Ph.D. at the Shanghai International Studies University. Currently he is Senior Fellow and Chairman of SIIS Academic Affairs Council , Counsellor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government. Concurrently, Dr. Yang is on the boards of the China National Association for International Studies, the Chinese People Institute of Foreign Affairs, the National Association of China-U.S. Friendship, the National Association of American Studies, Shanghai Association of International Relations, Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies, Shanghai Association of Taiwan Studies and many other organizations.Dr. Yang is also a guest professor/fellow at the PLA National Defense University, Shanghai International Studies University and Tongji Universit. His honors include National Special Awards, Shanghai Outstanding Talent Award and several Shanghai Awards in Social Sciences. Dr. Yang has published many papers or books on international relations and American foreign policies. His most recent books include: Sino-US Relations in Post-Cold War Era: Elaboration and Exploration, The Shanghai People’s Press, Shanghai, 1997; Sino-US Relations in Post-Cold War Era: Comparative Studies on Foreign Policies, The Shanghai People’s Press, Shanghai, 2000. The Taiwan Issue and the World Configuration of Powers: Changes and Challenges (co-authored), The Shanghai People’s Press, Shanghai, 2002; International Terrorism and Contemporary International Relations: Impacts and Influence of the “9·11” Attacks (co-authored), The Guizhou People’s Press, 2002; International Cooperation on Anti-Terrorism: Thinking Beyond Geopolitics (co-authored), The Shishi Press, 2003; Sino-US Relations in Post-Cold War Era: Crisis Management Comparative Studies, The Shanghai People’s Press, Shanghai, 2004; Grand Cooperation: The Changing World and China’s Global Strategy, The Tianjin People’s Press, Tianjin, 2005;Grand Matching-up: China-U.S. Mutual Strategies and Policies,Tianjing People's Publishing House,Tianjin, 2007; Grand Integration: Trends of Asian Economic Cooperation,Tianjing People's Publishing House, Tianjin,2007; International Systemin Transition and Multilateral Organization Developments, Shishi Publishing House, Beijing,2007; Grand System: Toward Multi-Polar & Multi-Actor, Tianjing People's Publishing House,Tianjin,2008; Global Climate Change Diplomacy and China’s Policy, Shishi Publishing House, Beijing,2009; Proliferation of International Crisis and Sino-US Joint Response, Shishi Publishing House, Beijing,2010; China’s Expo Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, Shishi Publishing House, Beijing,2011.