Zhang Yinghong zhangyinghong@siis.org.cn Senior research fellow Director, Center for European Studies
Institute for Global Governance Studies

Ms. Prof. and Dr. ZHANG Yinghong, is the Director of the European Studies, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). She was born in September 1967, Shanghai, China. Her research is focused on the EU integration; China-EU Relationship; EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy; EU’s gender equality policy; EU’s Innovation Policy; the Industrial Strategies of European Countries and U.S.A. She has led several research projects commissioned by China National Foundation of Social Sciences Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has been working in Shanghai Institutes for International Studies since 1989. She received her B.A. at Department of International Politics, Fudan University in 1989; M.A. at Shanghai Institute for International studies in 1994; Ph.D. at School of Advanced International and Area Studies, Normal University of East China in 2011.

She is author of the book: Studies on the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union (Beijing: Shishi Publisher, 2011); Co-author of the book: Theoretical Exploration for the Ascendance of Great Powers, (Beijing: Shishi Press, 2014); Co-author of the book: Integration with Plurality: The Exploration for the Regional Common Governance in Europe,(Shanghai: Shanghai Social Academy Press, 2009); Co-author of the book: The Terrorism and Modern International Relation”, (Guiyang: People Press of Guizhou, 2002);Co-author of the book: Challenge and Choose― the Third Way Reviewed by Chinese and Abroad Scholars, (Beijing: Social Science Press in China, 2001).

She has published the papers on The Analysis on the Function model of “16+1 Cooperation” in Perspective of Inter-Regionalism, No.10, 2017, Journal of Social Science; “Special Economic Zones in Poland and Cooperation Between China and Poland”, No. 3, 2015, Journal of Shanghai Business School; “Analysis of the EU’s Gender Equality Index”,No.1, 2016, Journal of China Women’s University;“Development of the EU Policy on Venture Capital Market and Its Implication for Shanghai”, Journal of Shanghai Business School, No.1, 2014; “An Exploration into the Construction of the Pan-European Venture Capital Market and Its Implication”,  Journal of International Relations, No. 4, 2013; “Evaluation on Innovation Economy of EU and its Future Trend”, German Studies, No. 4, 2012; “Evolution of the EU’s Innovation Policies and the Future Trend”, Global Review, No. 6, 2012; “Analysis on the EU’s Strategy towards Central Asia”, Around Southern Asia , No. 12, 2010; “The Impacts of the Cognitive on European Security Norms”, Chinese Journal of European Studies ,No. 1, 2009;“The Difference and Convergence of the European Strategic Culture”, German Studies, No. 2, 2008; “Comparative Research on the Women Development Indices in Five Metropolises”, Journal of China Women’s University, No.4, 2007; “EU-Oriented Development of political Institutional System in Central and East European Countries”, Russian, Central Asian & East European Studies, No.5, 2006; “The Democratic Institution in the Multi-Level Governance Structure of EU”, German Studies, No.2, 2006; “Analysis on the Quota for Improving the Women’s political Participation in European Countries”, Chinese Journal of European Studies, No.3, 2004; “Quota’s Impact on Women’s Participation in the Political Decision-Making Process”, Journal of China’s Women’s College, No.6, 2003; “The Modernization of Labour Party in UK”, Modern Socialism, No. 3, 2002.