Xue Lei xuelei@siis.org.cn Assistant Research Fellows Center for Marine & Polar Studies
Institute for World Economy Studies
Xue Lei is a Assistant Research Fellows of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies. Born in 1973, he earned his B.A. in International Economics at Peking University and M.A. in International Law at East China University of Political Science and Law, and Ph.D. for International Law at the ECUPL. Mr. Xue focuses on such research fields as international law, international economic system, and international organizations. His recent publications include: “A Changing International System and Development of International Law”, “New Developments in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations”, “Corporate Social Responsibility and China’s Strategy of Opening-up: The Microanalysis of the Mutual Benefits and Win-Win Strategy”, “Developing Countries and International Economic System”, and “Developments in United Nations Post-Conflict Peace-building Activities and China’s Policy Change”.