• China and Arab states set to shine together
    2018-07-09 Li Weijian
    Sino-Arab relations not only about oilIt's a misconception that Sino-Arab cooperation is only about oil. As a matter of fact, only a few, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, of the 22 Arab countries and regions export oil to China. The importa... [FULL TEXT]
  • A long road ahead for India–China relations
    2018-05-22 Liu Zongyi
    On 27–28 April 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping held an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The meeting, which took place just over a month before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit that Modi has decided t... [FULL TEXT]
  • How China Can Respond to Trump’s Tariff War
    2018-04-19 Dan Steinbock
    In the trade war against China, the White House’s “America First” advocates are relying on trade instruments that contained Japan’s rise in the 1980s. But China is not Japan. It has ten ways to hit back.On Tuesday, China said it would impos... [FULL TEXT]
  • India’s revised China policy tactical adjustment, not strate...
    2018-04-18 Liu Zongyi
    The Doklam standoff between China and India last summer has set bilateral relations at a low ebb. The standoff has prompted the two countries to more seriously review each other and figure out each other's strategic intentions.Since the end... [FULL TEXT]
  • Unstoppable Trends
    2018-03-09 Ye Qing
    International cooperation is the only secure path through the challenges of today's world The world is currently at an historic juncture of a new phase of development. Peace and development are the prevailing trend, nurtured by conditions w... [FULL TEXT]
  • America’s New Steel and Aluminum Protectionism
    2018-02-27 Dan Steinbock
    Now that the White House seeks to turn China’s steel and aluminum overcapacity into a national security matter, America’s new protectionism risks international trade discord. Following a trade investigation of imports, U.S. Department of Co... [FULL TEXT]
  • China strives to become a constructive partner in Arctic aff...
    2018-01-29 Zhao Long
    Dramatic changes, mainly caused by global warming and globalization in recent decades, have been evident in the Arctic. The peace and stability of the Arctic, scientific research in the region, potential business opportunities and internati... [FULL TEXT]
  • New Delhi forum props up ‘Quad’ stance, refuses to listen to...
    2018-01-25 Liu Zongyi
    The 3rd annual Raisina Dialogue, organized by India's Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi from January 16-18 with the theme - "Managing disruptive transition: ideas, institutions and idioms" - re... [FULL TEXT]
  • Promoting China-India Relations Through People-to-People Exc...
    2018-01-18 Liu Zongyi
    As the two largest developing countries in the world, China and India share the common goal of boosting their economies and improving their people’s lives. Shouldering the common responsibilities of maintaining regional peace and stability ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Reform needed to boost construction of China-Pakistan Econom...
    2018-01-15 Liu Zongyi
    The Pakistani government officially launched the Long-Term Plan (LTP) for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on December 18, 2017. The plan covered key areas of cooperation including textiles, chemicals, medicine, steel, home appli... [FULL TEXT]