• US Quest for Iran Regime Change: Will EU Sustain the Nuclear...
    2018-05-16 Dan Steinbock
    Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal was the wrong decision in the wrong time. It is likely to compound global political, economic and security risks. Now EU must sustain the nuclear deal, along with Russia and China.For three year... [FULL TEXT]
  • America’s New Steel and Aluminum Protectionism
    2018-02-27 Dan Steinbock
    Now that the White House seeks to turn China’s steel and aluminum overcapacity into a national security matter, America’s new protectionism risks international trade discord. Following a trade investigation of imports, U.S. Department of Co... [FULL TEXT]
  • China-US Cyberspace Relations in the Trump Era
    2018-01-02 Lu Chuanying
    Cybersecurity has been a complicated and thorny issue in China-US relations ever since the Obama administration, and the two sides have been trying hard to avert disputes, promote cooperation and maintain stable relations in this field.The ... [FULL TEXT]
  • The New US-Chinese Globalization Opportunity
    2017-11-17 Dan Steinbock
    While US postwar policies in Asia are shifting, a new Sino-US historical opportunity has emerged. US and Chinese visions of globalization could still prove complementary.President Trump’s grueling 12-day Asia tour took place amid a worrisom... [FULL TEXT]
  • Trump’s Asia Tour: From Old Conflicts to New Prospects
    2017-11-15 Dan Steinbock
    Trump’s grueling 12-day Asia tour was a quest for mega deals. US policies in Asia are shifting. The stress on competitive strategic visions is being redefined by historic bilateral economic opportunities with China, Vietnam, South Korea,... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Trump Administration’s IP Battle Against China
    2017-11-14 Dan Steinbock
    In recent weeks, friction between the White House and China has escalated in intellectual property. The question is, will it result in a global trade war. In mid-August, President Trump asked U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to o... [FULL TEXT]
  • US-China Trade at Global Crossroads
    2017-11-10 Dan Steinbock
    Despite “America First” policies, President Trump’s economic agenda needs expanding trade with China. President Donald Trump began his grueling 12-day Asia tour amid US Special Counsel’s first indictments, which cast a shadow over the White... [FULL TEXT]
  • Assessing China-U.S. Relations in the Trump Era
    2017-11-07 Shao Yuqun
    People used to say that the China-U.S. relationship had both a ceiling and a floor. However, that description of the bilateral relationship has seldom been heard over the past several years during academic discussions and debates in Beijing... [FULL TEXT]
  • Changes in Global Trade and Investment and Implications for ...
    2017-10-30 Xue Lei
    Changing landscape of global trade and investmentThe deepening of economic globalization has been a result of rapidly increasing global trade and investment flows. Before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, global trade usually grew at twice ... [FULL TEXT]
  • What Will Trump’s New Iran Strategy Do?
    2017-10-24 Jin Liangxiang
    On October 13, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his new Iran strategy. As expected, President Trump jettisoned another part of Barack Obama’s legacy, though he stopped short of withdrawing the U.S. from the nuclear deal. The new strate... [FULL TEXT]