• How To Resolve the Korean Conundrum
    2017-09-18 Dan Steinbock
    As the US policy has failed in the Korean Peninsula, dark scenarios cast a shadow over the region – but could also pave way for peace. Recently, U.S. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called for “the strongest sanctions” to pressure North Korea int... [FULL TEXT]
  • If America exits the Paris Accord, climate risks will intens...
    2017-09-08 Dan Steinbock
    Even before Irma and its successors, Typhoon Hato and Hurricane Harvey caused massive devastation from the US to Asia. If America will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, emerging Asia will pay the highest price.As I left Manila, tro... [FULL TEXT]
  • Shifting the momentum on the Korean Peninsula
    2017-08-28 Chen Dongxiao
    Beijing has long held three objectives for East Asia, and the Korean Peninsula in particular.The first is to promote general peace and stability premised on North Korea's diplomatic normalisation with the United States and South Korea.The s... [FULL TEXT]
  • Trump’s Path to Trade Wars
    2017-08-16 Dan Steinbock
    As the White House is about to escalate trade frictions along with nuclear risks, global economic prospects will turn more clouded and markets more volatile.Last Friday, President Trump spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping and told him tha... [FULL TEXT]
  • The U.S. Should Take the Lead to Engage Iran
    2017-08-15 Jin Liangxiang
    On August 6th, the 12th President of the Islamic Republic of Iran was sworn into office. Hassan Rouhani is expected to continue the domestic and foreign policies of his first-term, which were consistently characterized as moderate. Despite ... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Strange Fall of the US Dollar
    2017-08-11 Dan Steinbock
    As the exuberant Trump White House has been mugged by realities, US dollar is plunging to record lows.What a difference a year makes! Last November, US dollar hit its 13-year high. According to the US Dollar Index, which measures the curren... [FULL TEXT]
  • Trump’s “First America” Trade Frictions Are About to Begin
    2017-07-26 Dan Steinbock
    After the US-Sino Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, trade issues are alienating not only China and America’s NATO allies – but its NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico.As the Trump administration’s first US-Sino Comprehensive Economic Dialogue ... [FULL TEXT]
  • How Steel Became US Security Concern – and Global Trade War ...
    2017-07-20 Dan Steinbock
    As the White House seeks to turn steel overcapacity into a national security matter, the issue is alienating not only China but America’s NATO allies. 'They're dumping steel and destroying our steel industry, they've been doing it for decad... [FULL TEXT]
  • Why Jobs Growth No Longer Induces Wage Growth in America Or ...
    2017-07-18 Dan Steinbock
    While the Fed’s continued tightening may suppress growth in emerging economies, US labor market may not be as strong as recent reports suggest. US experienced strong job growth in June, when the economy created 222,000 net new jobs, which e... [FULL TEXT]
  • Fundamental issues impede US-India ties
    2017-07-03 Liu Zongyi
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US last week has become a hot topic among media outlets in India, the US and China over the past few days. The focus is not limited to Modi's first official trip to Washington since Trump's... [FULL TEXT]