• Redefining the U.S.-China Relationship
    2017-04-10 Zhang Zhexin
    Since U.S. President Donald Trump took office, many observers have been increasingly concerned that his harsh rhetoric and unclear policy toward China may cause severe turbulence in the bilateral relationship and could even affect the world... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Middle East Under Trump
    2017-03-01 Jin Liangxiang
    The world entered the year of 2017 with everybody talking about US President Donald Trump. It is widely believed that Trump will bring uncertainty to almost every part of the world, including the Middle East. While many are talking about Tr... [FULL TEXT]
    2017-02-07 Dan Steinbock
    With the Trump White House, America and a global economy will enter a highly divisive period – as evidenced by the debate about his economic, trade and infrastructure plans.As long as Republicans sustain some unity in and between the White ... [FULL TEXT]
    2017-01-27 Dan Steinbock
    After the inauguration, President Trump has begun to reset the White House trade policies. But the consequences of “America First” stance in world trade are wrought with threats.Recently, President Xi Jinping gave a strong speech about the ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Dynamics of the Bilateral Relations between China and the Un...
    2017-01-20 Liu Youfa
    Guest Research FellowSIIS at Pangoal Insight Forum January 14, 2017 In exactly one week, Mr. Donald Trump will be in the White House and become the 45th US President, which earmarks a new chapter of the bilateral relations between China and... [FULL TEXT]
  • As Trump Fumbles on China Policy, Here Is Some Advice
    2016-12-13 Yang Jiemian
    At the time of socialized information and popular zeal for immediate news, many comments about President-elect Donald Trump seem to focus on his team-building and policy formulation. Important as they are, the Chinese should not dance to Mr... [FULL TEXT]
  • The American Game in China’s Periphery
    2016-11-25 Zhao Gancheng
    China’s diplomacy in its neighboring areas represents the most important part of its foreign policy. As Chinese President Xi Jinping argued at his address in Singapore National University in November 2015, China always puts neighboring dipl... [FULL TEXT]