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  • Are markets soaring or bubbling in US?
    2016-12-01 Dan Steinbock
    In recent weeks, US markets have reached record highs. However, fundamentals do not justify the rallies. Prepare for a rough ride.Recently, three US stock indexes achieved record heights. For the first time since 1999, the Dow Jones Industr... [FULL TEXT]
  • WHAT IF CLINTON WINS ——US Presidential Election 2016
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    According to polls, the race to the White House is over. Clinton has won, Trump has lost. If that proves the case, US economic erosion will slow but imperial foreign policy may escalate, which has critical repercussions in Asia.The polls re... [FULL TEXT]
  • Iran’s Economy after the Sanctions Deal: Why the New US Hurd...
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    Today, the Iran nuclear deal is effective. Yet, Iran’s efforts to attract foreign investment and accelerate growth and prosperity face new hurdles, which seem to reflect Washington’s efforts to dent the agreement.Last January, t... [FULL TEXT]
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    In the past six years, Washington and Manila have been cementing a military alliance, which is reassuring to many Filipinos but leaves some apprehensive – including the leading presidential contenders.On May 9, the Philippines will vo... [FULL TEXT]
  • Beyond the Strategic Deterrence Narrative: Deploying THAAD M...
    2016-12-26 Zhang Zhexin
    Since North Korea began a new round of nuclear and missile tests early this year, major Northeast Asian players have engaged in heated debate on the implications of deploying the U.S.-backed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile syste... [FULL TEXT]
  • Three Features in China’s Diplomatic Thinking
    2017-01-04 Yang Jiemian
    China’s diplomatic thinking has taken on three features since the CPC’s 18th National Congress in late 2012.First, it emphasizes following and promoting the trends of the day. From a Chinese perspective, peace, development, coop... [FULL TEXT]
  • America’s 2016 Election Risk, China and Asia
    2017-01-04 Den Steinbock
    Whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or somebody else takes the White House, pragmatism is likely to be the eventual winner. Dan Steinbock looks ahead to how an American presidency led by either of the two leading contenders will deal with... [FULL TEXT]
  • From U.S. Regime Change to Chinese Economic Development
    2017-01-04 Den Steinbock
    President Xi Jinping’s three-nation tour in the Middle East heralds a shift from US regime change to Chinese economic development.President Xi’s tour took place amid a perilous moment in the region. Saudi Arabia is struggling wi... [FULL TEXT]