South Asia
  • Indian worry over China-Nepal drill outdated
    2017-04-21 15:12:57 Liu Zongyi
    China and Nepal kicked off their first-ever joint military exercise, code-named "Sagarmatha Friendship 2017," on April 16 at Nepal Army's Para Training School in Kathmandu. The drill will last 10 days and its main purposes are... [FULL TEXT]
  • China-India towards a New Model of Major Country Relations
    2016-12-20 Yang Jiemian
    The Speech of Prof. Jiemian YANG, Chairman of the Council of Academic Affairs,Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), China at the “India-China Think-Tank Forum: Towards a Closer India-China Developmental Partnership” co-organ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Criticism of CPEC is proof of progress
    2016-12-26 Liu Zongyi
    Pakistans Sindh Province saw a bomb attack against Chinese engineers and small-scale protests against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) recently. Meanwhile, the Pakistani government claimed that anti-CPEC activities by foreign for... [FULL TEXT]
  • Overcoming Myanmar's Myitsone Dam conundrum
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    In 2009, Myanmar agreed on the huge dam project with Chinese contractors; in 2011, it was suspended. As the new government must decide its future, it is closely watched by both Chinese and international investors.In 2009, after years of tal... [FULL TEXT]
  • India seeks interests from geopolitical tension
    2016-12-26 Liu Zongyi
    The 14th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of China, Russia and India is scheduled to convene in Moscow on Monday. The meeting comes in the backdrop of the just concluded India visit of US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, during which the US and... [FULL TEXT]
  • Can Nepal be bridge between China, India?
    2016-12-26 Liu Zongyi
    Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli just concluded a week-long visit to China. During his stay, Oli and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed agreements of cooperation covering the areas of transportation, cross-border trade, energy and finan... [FULL TEXT]
  • India, China can learn from each other’s varied growth models
    2017-01-04 Liu Zongyi
    While the Chinese economy is slowing down after entering the "new normal," India, under Narendra Modis governance, has witnessed a rapid economic growth in recent years. Speculations that "the Indian economy will surpass that... [FULL TEXT]
  • India’s manufacturing drive not a threat to China
    2017-01-04 Wang Yuzhu
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last week that the government "wants the share of manufacturing in GDP to reach 25 percent in the near future" in a speech during a week-long "Make in India" fair designed to attr... [FULL TEXT]
  • India should avoid division within BRICS
    2017-01-04 Liu Zongyi
    New Delhi officially took over the presidency of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) from Moscow early this month, and will hold the 8th summit in a few months time. India proposed to set up a development bank at the ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Pakistan remains faithful partner of China
    2015/12/28 Liu Zongyi
    In April when President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan, China and Pakistan elevated the bilateral relations to "all-weather strategic cooperation partners." China has established partnerships with a lot of countries in the world, but... [FULL TEXT]