Global Governance
  • The Green Ladder & the Energy Leader
    2021-01-04 Miquel Salvadó-Gracia
    In December 2019, Madrid hosted the 25th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP25) under the Presidency of the Government of Chile. Delegates gathered for the COP25 in the Spanish capital from over 180 countries, including representat... [FULL TEXT]
  • China-Sri Lanka Cooperation during the Post COVID-19 Era
    2020-12-04 Liu Youfa
    Amidst the rampage of COVID-19, countries on the subcontinent of South Asia and around the Indian Ocean are faced with the volatile political, economic and security situation, punctuated by the big power rivalry, border conflicts, surging n... [FULL TEXT]
  • Building a more equitable, secure future
    2020-09-24 Xue Lei
    Along with the novel coronavirus pandemic, which is still raging in many parts of the world, the United Nations, on the 75th anniversary of its founding, faces many significant challenges. Even before the pandemic broke out, the UN's global... [FULL TEXT]
  • Address Three Challenges to Multilateralism
    2020-09-15 Xue Lei
    As the global pandemic continues to ravage the world, the United Nations on its seventy-fifth anniversary faces significant challenges. Even well before COVID-19, the UN’s global role was heavily constrained by a decreasing budget and incre... [FULL TEXT]
  • Europe’s Pandemic Dilemma
    2020-05-24 Dan Steinbock
    In the ongoing battle against the global pandemic, belated responses will result in huge human costs and massive economic damage. In Europe, losses are climaxing in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Before advanced economies – including those in Eur... [FULL TEXT]
  • What to learn from China's fight against COVID-19
    2020-02-27 Danilo Türk
    A week ago, I was returning to Slovenia from London via Germany and Italy. The whole travel was normal – with, perhaps, fewer passengers at airports than usual.However, at our final stop at the airport of Trieste (Trst), on the Italian side... [FULL TEXT]
  • America Shoots Itself in the Foot
    2020-04-27 Jin Liangxiang
    The last months have seen various discussions in American academia about the impact the COVID-19 crisis could have on the future international order. Those discussions include an influential article by Henry Kissinger in the Wall Street Jou... [FULL TEXT]
  • International landscape roiling with changes brought by pand...
    2020-04-01 Yang Jiemian
    During the global coronavirus pandemic, analyzing the situation to generate responses in a comprehensive, dialectical and forward-looking manner is much needed.Most changes in the international strategic landscape over the centuries were th... [FULL TEXT]
  • Solidarity with China against coronavirus
    2020-02-09 Jin Liangxiang
    Pakistani Abdul Zahir Hamad (2nd L) and his wife Mauritian Hosany Sumayyah (L) discuss with a colleague about a passenger with abnormal body temperature at a novel coronavirus prevention-and-control checkpoint of an expressway exit in Wenzh... [FULL TEXT]
  • Toward Virus Crossroads
    2020-02-10 Dan Steinbock
    Dan Steinbock,Visiting scholar of SIIS In the coming days, new confirmed cases of the virus outbreak will continue to rise. Nevertheless, there may be some possible signs of steadying in China. With the new coronavirus - the 2019 nov... [FULL TEXT]