Energy & Environment
  • How 1% Could Derail the Paris Climate Accord of 99%
    2015-12-17 Den Steinbock
    Today, almost 200 nations have united in a global agreement on global change. But the efforts of a few can still undermine the hopes of the many.After the 1992 Kyoto Protocol, it took almost a quarter of a century to achieve the Paris accor... [FULL TEXT]
  • Why China will drive global climate change deal
    2014-12-11 Den Steinbock
    This month, the worlds leading nations are gathering in Lima, Peru, for the 2014 UN Climate Change Conference. The talks procedural objective is to develop a foundation for a new climate agreement that could be signed in Paris in December 2... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Dream of the 21st Century Caliphate: How much will it co...
    2014-06-24 Den Steinbock
    In late March, the IMF mission met Iraq’s government leaders, central bankers, oil chiefs and senior executives. “Iraq maintained macroeconomic stability in 2013,” the mission concluded optimistically. “Inflation declined slightly&hel... [FULL TEXT]
  • Cleaner rivers and bluer skies mean progress, not poverty
    2013-01-14 Dan Steinbock
    In the past, rapid growth often occurred at the cost of the environment. In the future, Chinese prosperity will mean both rising living standards and a beautiful environment.At the 18th National Congress of the CPC, Chinese leader Hu Jintao... [FULL TEXT]
  • EU aviation tax generates heat, and it is not just hot air
    2011-11-18 Yu Hongyuan
    Climate change presents the European Union and other countries with shared economic, developmental and security challenges that have generated a perceptible shift in political, economic and environmental cooperation.On Oct 25, the US House ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Durban offers way out of zero-sum game
    2011-11-29 Yu Hongyuan
    The world is about to face challenges that test political willingness to fight global warming and that leaves little room to save the Kyoto Protocol. Those challenges will surface at the 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Fram... [FULL TEXT]
  • Behind China-US Energy Cooperation: Green Protectionism and ...
    The China-US relationship has been getting “energized” in recent years. Developments like the soaring energy prices and the rise to prominence of the climate change issue call for effective international energy and climate cooperation. Chin... [FULL TEXT]
  • Much to celebrate, but much to work on
    Along with the rapid development of Sino-Africa relationship, Chinese investments in Africa have attracted huge attentions, which not only contributed to development of both China and Africa, but also induced significant strategic and theor... [FULL TEXT]