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  • 2019-06-20 14:42:40 Li Weijian
    Gulf conflict could spell disaster for world
    Tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated with Washington sending 1,000 troops to the Middle East and Teheran threatening to break the limits o...
  • China-India Relations in the Future
    2019-05-15 Liu Zongyi
    China and India are rising almost simultaneously. Their bilateral relationship is of critical significance to regional and global stability. However, the relationship remains extremely complex. China and India share extensive common interes... [FULL TEXT]
  • Gap between China and India widens under Modi
    2019-05-13 Liu Zongyi
    As the 2019 Indian general election gets underway, there has been discussion about whether India has lagged further behind China over the past five years under the Modi government.Regardless of whether it is provocative for some Western med... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Iran threat hype is designed to work in America's favor
    2019-05-14 Li Weijian
    While it is accustomed to throw the U.S. element in the discussion of the Middle Eastern geopolitics, it is easy to forget that the two places are half the earth away with each other; yet the U.S. still has a persistent influence over this ... [FULL TEXT]
  • New Delhi likely to create strategy for Washington’s Iran oi...
    2019-05-05 Liu Zongyi
    A total US ban on the purchases of Iranian crude oil took effect on May 2, according to the Voice of America. Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the US would not extend sanctions waivers for Iranian oil importers includ... [FULL TEXT]
  • US can't call all the shots anymore
    2019-04-19 Li Weijian
    The United States has officially designated Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization in an attempt to isolate Iran in the international community. US President Donald Trump's announcement on April 8 that ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Rouhani's Iraq visit: Old ties with new dynamics
    2019-03-17 Jin Liangxiang
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani paid a three-day visit to Iraq from March 11 through 13. During his visit, President Rouhani, accompanied by a large commercial delegation, met with the Iraqi President, Prime Minister and a number of dignit... [FULL TEXT]
  • Time for China-India Relations to Abandon Western Paradigm
    2019-02-01 Liu Zongyi
    It was reported that recently the Indian Navy has commissioned a new full-fledged naval base, Indian naval air station, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The new base, according to Indian military officials and experts, would be used to i... [FULL TEXT]
  • U.S. will stick to tough policy towards Iran
    2018-12-28 Li weijian
    U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a tough stance towards Iran since he took office, leading to a significant setback in the relationship between the two nations and raising the tension which had eased with the signing of the comprehensi... [FULL TEXT]
  • There Will Be No New Cold War
    2018-11-22 Yang jiemian
    The tensions in China-US relations have caught the world's attention since last December. The Trump administration has consistently and systematically launched attacks against China on strategic, economic, diplomatic, and cultural fronts. L... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Belt and Road is a practical platform to build a communi...
    2018-10-18 Yang Jian
    The Tian'en owned by COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers plows through ice in the East Siberian Sea on its voyage to Europe through the Polar Silk Road on August 20 (XINHUA)After 40 years of reforming and opening up, China draws closer to r... [FULL TEXT]