Economy & Trade
  • The Trump Administration’s IP Battle Against China
    2017-11-14 Dan Steinbock
    In recent weeks, friction between the White House and China has escalated in intellectual property. The question is, will it result in a global trade war. In mid-August, President Trump asked U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to o... [FULL TEXT]
  • US-China Trade at Global Crossroads
    2017-11-10 Dan Steinbock
    Despite “America First” policies, President Trump’s economic agenda needs expanding trade with China. President Donald Trump began his grueling 12-day Asia tour amid US Special Counsel’s first indictments, which cast a shadow over the White... [FULL TEXT]
  • Lack of Authoritative Leadership Hinders India’s Reform
    2017-11-01 Liu Zongyi
    Why is India having trouble promoting economic reform? It may be due to the political ecology of this country. India lacks a centralized authority similar to that of China, led by the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is the driving for... [FULL TEXT]
  • Changes in Global Trade and Investment and Implications for ...
    2017-10-30 Xue Lei
    Changing landscape of global trade and investmentThe deepening of economic globalization has been a result of rapidly increasing global trade and investment flows. Before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, global trade usually grew at twice ... [FULL TEXT]
  • China and Ratings Agencies’ Double Standards Or why is China...
    2017-10-23 Dan Steinbock
    Today, rising debt is one of China’s key challenges. Recently, it led to the mainland’s rating cut by ratings agencies. Yet, many advanced economies have higher credit ratings than China, though their leverage ratios are worse. In May 2017,... [FULL TEXT]
  • Economic Rebalancing as the Core of China's Supply-Side Refo...
    2017-10-23 Wang Yuzhu
    As it enters a “New Normal”, China’s economy is undergoing fundamental changes in its comparative advantages and its driving forces. Meanwhile, the relations between the government and market are also reshaping. Under the background of supp... [FULL TEXT]
  • Trump’s Path to Trade Wars
    2017-08-16 Dan Steinbock
    As the White House is about to escalate trade frictions along with nuclear risks, global economic prospects will turn more clouded and markets more volatile.Last Friday, President Trump spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping and told him tha... [FULL TEXT]
  • From the Trans-Atlantic Axis and the Trans-Asian Axis
    2017-08-14 Dan Steinbock
    The ASEAN faces old and new challenges, and a huge long-term opportunity. The next three decades could witness the shift of global economic momentum from the Trans-Atlantic axis to the Trans-Asian axis. Recently, the Association of Southeas... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Strange Fall of the US Dollar
    2017-08-11 Dan Steinbock
    As the exuberant Trump White House has been mugged by realities, US dollar is plunging to record lows.What a difference a year makes! Last November, US dollar hit its 13-year high. According to the US Dollar Index, which measures the curren... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Myths and Realities of Duterte’s Infrastructure Initiati...
    2017-07-31 Dan Steinbock
    A huge upgrade of infrastructure is vital for Philippines economic future. That’s why it is contested by entrenched interests, including foreign powers. This is the first in a series of occasional commentaries about the Philippines transfor... [FULL TEXT]