Arctic & Antarctic Studies
  • In Pole Position
    2018-03-02 Yang Jian
    In January, the Chinese government published its first white paper about the country's role in the Arctic. The white paper, titled China's Arctic Policy, declared to the world China's intent to actively participate in Arctic governance and ... [FULL TEXT]
  • China strives to become a constructive partner in Arctic aff...
    2018-01-29 Zhao Long
    Dramatic changes, mainly caused by global warming and globalization in recent decades, have been evident in the Arctic. The peace and stability of the Arctic, scientific research in the region, potential business opportunities and internati... [FULL TEXT]
  • Middle Eastern countries see role for Russia
    2016-12-02 Li Weijian
    The situation in the Middle East has seen drastic changes recently that have puzzled observers. It surprised the international community that the unpromising Russia-Turkey relationship saw a sudden U-turn and is rapidly warming up. The join... [FULL TEXT]